So, what’s it like to come see Dr. Roe?  I’ll let my patients do the talking here:

  • “I love the wholistic care Dr. Roe provides.  She is warm and caring and my 2-year-old loves visiting for her well-child check-ups!  Not only that, but the clinic is so comfortable, we both forget we’re at a doctor’s office.  We love Family Tree Medicine!”
  • “It’s refreshing to have a healthcare practitioner who takes time to get to know us and approach our health from a well-rounded perspective.  We appreciate Dr. Roe’s attentive care.”
  • “Very satisfied with Dr. Roe, her expertise, knowledge, and compassion.”
  • “Dr. Roe goes above and beyond to answer all of our questions and concerns at our appointments and via email.  She is caring, kind, patient, and very thorough.  We feel confident in Dr. Roe’s ability to care for our baby.”
  • “Working with Amanda is a true partnership.  I can count on her honesty, humor, and knowledge.  Whether it is an ongoing focus on improvement or a single concern, Amanda is quick to respond with just the right and creative approach.  I feel more connected to my body and have a more complete understanding of it thanks to Amanda.  I also feel more hopeful and calm, which is wonderful!”
  • “I decided to start having my infant son see Dr. Roe after many bad experiences with his pediatrician.  Dr. Roe respects us as patients and listens to us a friend.   She is very smart and has found good solutions to our problems.  Her philosophy of helping the body heal itself through diet and naturopathic remedies definitely rings true for our family.  We are happy with our experiences at Family Tree and especially with Dr. Roe. Thanks again!”
  • ” Dr. Roe always has creative solutions to my healthcare needs, based upon a wholistic approach that considers all aspects of who I am.  She is attentive and empathetic in her care for patients.”
  • “I love Amanda and the relationship she has with my daughter (her patient).  I recommend her often.”
  • “Dr. Roe has been an amazing benefit to my health since I began seeing her 3 years ago.  Ailments which had caused a lifetime of discomfort were quickly and effectively diagnosed and treated, greatly improving my quality of life.”
  • “Dr. Roe has been extremely helpful and informative to two very new parents.  We trust her judgment and know she will support our decisions.  We look forward to her continued care of our son.”
  • “As newer patients to Dr. Roe, we couldn’t be happier with her knowledge, responsiveness, and care.  Our family members were impressed when she made a home visit after our son was born, and we have been impressed with her proactive approach to medicine.  We also highly appreciate the kind professionalism of the office staff.”
  • “Dr. Roe really listens and you can tell that she’s actually interested and cares, not like she’s just doing her job.  Everything she’s given us for our ailments has worked really well.  She’s professional while approachable and human.  Best of all- she really knows her stuff.  I have great confidence in her care for my family and myself.”
  • “I love coming to the clinic.  Dr. Roe and Dr. Chapman are awesome.  I would (and have) recommend them to anyone.”
  • “I really enjoyed going to see Dr. Roe.  I felt like she addressed most of my health problems.  She has a way of making me feel very comfortable and relaxed.”