Full-spectrum Naturopathic healthcare
Individualized wellness visits for acute or chronic conditions
Complete laboratory testing with in-office blood draws
Salivary hormone and neurotransmitter testing
Nutritional testing
Food Sensitivity and Intolerance testing
Botanical Medicine
Energetic therapies, including homeopathy and flower essences
Physical medicine
Dietary and Lifestyle counseling
Pharmaceutical prescribing

Comprehensive pediatric care
Holistic treatment for common pediatric illnesses such as allergies, cold/flu, asthma, rashes, and fevers
Well baby and well child exams
Vaccination information and alternative vaccine scheduling
Nutritional support for all stages of development
Infant and Child Sleep support

Individualized women’s healthcare
Comprehensive gynecological care including annual well-woman exams and PAP screening
Birth control options: Natural Family Planning, diaphragm and Femcap fitting, hormonal contraception
Pre-conception & fertility counseling and treatment
Natural hormone balancing

Holistic Pregnancy Care
Personal and thorough adjunctive prenatal and postpartum care
Safe and natural therapies for mama and baby
Breastfeeding care and support