“Jenny Maurer attended the homebirth of our son last fall and my wife and I were thrilled with the care and support that she provided.  She had full command of the situation and knew exactly what to do as events unfolded and circumstances evolved.  We took great comfort from her knowledge and manner, and her calm professionalism helped to make a potentially stressful night go smoothly.  She was also extremely helpful and supportive during the days, weeks and months leading up to the birth.  We felt fortunate to have such an outstanding professional available as a resource, counselor and confidante.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a warm, competent professional homebirth midwife.”

“Dr. Roe has been an amazing benefit to my health since I began seeing her 3 years ago.  Ailments which had caused a lifetime of discomfort were quickly and effectively diagnosed and treated, greatly improving my quality of life.”

“I am so grateful to have had such friendly, patient and kind care throughout my first pregnancy.  While I was pregnant I really looked forward to our unhurried and personal prenatal appointments.  Jenny is very knowledgeable and affirming and always took the time to listen and answer all of my questions.  At our labor and birth, Jenny’s presence allowed us to feel confident in ourselves and our abilities. And when needed, she and her assistant midwife gave us the hands-on support necessary. We are thankful, grateful and honored that Jenny was our midwife for our first born! ”

“I decided to start having my infant son see Dr. Roe after many bad experiences with his pediatrician.  Dr. Roe respects us as patients and listens to us a friend.   She is very smart and has found good solutions to our problems.  Her philosophy of helping the body heal itself through diet and naturopathic remedies definitely rings true for our family.  We are happy with our experiences at Family Tree and especially with Dr. Roe. Thanks again!”

“I am so thankful for Jenny being a part of our birth and am still in awe of the beautiful experience. Jenny always knew I could do it and was the one person whose presence there helped let go of fear in so many moments and move forward and into my body with confidence.  Thank you for that gift in my birth. It was the best day of my life”

“Working with Amanda is a true partnership.  I can count on her honesty, humor, and knowledge.  Whether it is an ongoing focus on improvement or a single concern, Amanda is quick to respond with just the right and creative approach.  I feel more connected to my body and have a more complete understanding of it thanks to Amanda.  I also feel more hopeful and calm, which is wonderful!”

“Dr. Amanda has a listening ear whenever we speak. She makes time in every appointment for our (many) questions. No question is a stupid question for her; she takes all our questions seriously. Her quiet confidence and compassion were the reason my husband and I decided to have her as our doctor and to have a home birth. I would recommend her to anyone interested in home birth in the Portland area.”