Welcome to Family Tree Medicine, located in the heart of the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  We are a Naturopathic family practice dedicated to helping our patients feel truly healthy and truly happy.  We’re so glad you stopped by to have a look around, meet our doctors, and learn more about what we do.

“I am so thankful for Jenny being a part of our birth and am still in awe of the beautiful experience. Jenny always knew I could do it and was the one person whose presence there helped let go of fear in so many moments and move forward and into my body with confidence.  Thank you for that gift in my birth. It was the best day of my life”

“Working with Amanda is a true partnership.  I can count on her honesty, humor, and knowledge.  Whether it is an ongoing focus on improvement or a single concern, Amanda is quick to respond with just the right and creative approach.  I feel more connected to my body and have a more complete understanding of it thanks to Amanda.  I also feel more hopeful and calm, which is wonderful!”